Earth Mate Talk スクリプト

In this earthmate talk, Mike and Ruriko talk about our first music lesson AT in English Zone!

- Mike: Hey, Ruriko, I wonder how many people have listened to our AT song by now?

- Ruriko: Oh, Mike, millions of people! Back in August, we played AT on iTUNE's podcast. Remember?

- M: Yeah, we had over 100,000 people listen to the song!

- R: It was great! And now, my favorite magazine English Zone has just started to cover our music lesson! It's amazing!

- M: Chotto, hazukashii….

- R: Ha, ha!

- M: Ruriko, I have a question for you.

- R: Oh, okay.

- M: What should I do if the girls go crazy?

- R: Don't worry. They are gonna go away when they meet you in person! (Chuckle)

- M: You're so mean!

- R: Anyways, you wanna tell our listeners about the article in English Zone?

- M: Sure, the title of the lesson is “歌って覚える! 大人の英文法” 今月のテーマ:前置詞AT. The song includes most common usages of the preposition AT. For example, we teach that ‘at’ indicates location, time, situations, and it's used in phrasal verbs. Also the lesson includes a true or false test. For example, “I have a meeting at Wednesday.” Is that a correct sentence?

- R: No, Mikey. You'd say, “ I have a meeting on Wednesday”. It's a really cool lesson!

- M: Do you wanna tell our listeners how you came up with the idea for the lesson?

- R: Oh, yeah, sure, one day in March, I was talking to my web master, yama-chan at her office in Tokyo. At her office in Tokyo.

- M: At. Good job!

- R: At her office in Tokyo, everyone! So, and, she told me that she had always had a difficult time learning prepositions. So, I told her that it was not only her but all learners had the same problem.

- M: Yeah.

- R: Then all of a sudden, a bell rang in my brain! You know I said, “Why don't I have Mike write lesson songs!”

- M: Yep! I remember when you called me you were really really excited and you explained all your ideas. We got together right after you got back from Japan. And YOU asked me to write a song before I left for Japan.

- R: Yeah, I know. I know. I remember we had only a week or so. But you're a genius, Mike, you made the song, AT!! In a matter of two days or so!

- M: Yeah, yeah, I had to drag my guitar player Mark over to the studio to do it!

- R: Yeah, you did. And you know, he loved it! Because he loved it so much, he even flew over to Japan to play at the Ginza store, I mean, Apple's Ginza store to play the song!

- M: Yep! He did! He did! We are gonna have to do it again!

- R: Let's go to the Osaka store next time! With everybody at English Zone! So, let's listen to your AT a little bit!

- M: Okay, everyone!

- R+M: Happy New Year!

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